Patons 113.  Adult Socks
Knitting Patterns

adult socks knotty pines cable and bar plain
cable eyelets kaleidoscope hounds tooth arrowhead
plain ribbed sports striped diamond classic key
alternation rib double diamonds heelless spiral
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  1. Classics
  2. Cable and bar
  3. Eyelets
  4. Hounds tooth
  5. Arrowhead
  6. Plain sports
  7. Ribbed sports
  8. Alternating rib
  9. Striped diamond
  10. Spiral socks
  11. Double diamonds
  12. Knotty pines
  13. Swordfish
  14. Cable and eyelets
  15. Kaleidoscope
  16. Ribbed sports
  17. Classic key
  18. Heel-less spiral

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