Patons 118.  Winter Headwear
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

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  1. Knitted ladies cap
  2. Knit childs angora bonnet
  3. Knitted mans cabled toque
  4. Childs knit headband
  5. Knit caps with popcorn trim
  6. Ribbed helmet knitted in one or two colors
  7. Face protector knitted Helmet & how it can be rolled up
  8. Knit peak brim hat
  9. Family knit headbands
  10. Toque style knit
  11. Braided top knitting
  12. Roll top ladies style knit
  13. Plain knit headband
  14. Knitted long stocking cap
  15. Head snug hats
  16. Knitted loopy hats
  17. Crocheted beret
  18. Ribbed knit bonnet
  19. Knit ribbed toques
  20. Angora knit tams in 3 sizes
  21. Short stocking childrens cap
  22. Tailored ladies hat
  23. Angora bonnet patterns in ladies & girls sizes
  24. Crocheted popcorn hats
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