Patons 127.  Accessories by Beehive
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

petal poncho crocheted poncho mexican pattern
striped hat berets cap with peak triangle shawl
lace knit scarf striped poncho capes
tam crocheted aran toque ladies tam socks
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  1. Petal poncho knitting pattern
  2. lace crochet ponchos
  3. Mexican knit poncho
  4. Striped knit beret
  5. Mother and daughter berets - knitting
  6. Plain beret - knitting
  7. Peaked cap knit
  8. Knitted triangle shawl
  9. Crocheted triangle shawl
  10. Lace knit scarf
  11. Striped poncho - knitted
  12. Knit cape stole with circular back shaping
  13. Ridged shoulder stole with matching button
  14. Patterned beret - knitting
  15. Crocheted lace stole
  16. Cable and ribbed aran knit toque
  17. Honeycomb knitted toque
  18. Ribbed knit toque
  19. Eyelet knit beret
  20. Lacey knit bed socks
  21. Knitted heel-less pull ons
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