Patons 135.  Carefree Afghans
Knitting and Crochet Patterns

afro afghan hexagon afghan aran ancestral afghan modern crochet afghan
falling leaves knit afghan knit merry go round tartan plaid afghan lacey crochet afghan
tiles & traditional afghans crochet afghans crochet afghans
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  1. Crochet hexagon
  2. Knit ancestral aran
  3. Crochet modern
  4. Knit falling leaves
  5. Knit merry-go-round
  6. Crochet afro afghan and wall plaque
  7. Crochet traditional squares
  8. Knitted tartan
  9. Crochet light and lacey with matching cushion
  10. Knit toned tiles

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24 pages
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