Patons 141.  Toys and Novelties
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

crochet lampshades cochet toys crochet place mats
knit puppy knit teddy knit ducks
knit rug knit tortoise knit luggage
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Crochet patterns include...

  1. Motif Wall Hanging
  2. 14' x 56" Wall Hanging
  3. Lampshade Covers
  4. Crocheted Table Mats
  5. Crochet Scatter Mat

Knitting patterns include...

  1. Scottie Dog
  2. Knit twin Panda Bears
  3. Knit baby Duck
  4. Knit Scatter Mat
  5. Knit Tortoise
  6. Knit Carry Bag
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