Patons 184.  Treasures
Knitting and Crochet Patterns

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aran knitting pattern lap blanket pattern knitting pattern
easy crochet heirloom crochet crochet pattern
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  1. Crochet Tea Cosy
  2. Bobble Stitch Knit Egg Cosy
  3. Multi Coloured Crochet Tea Cosy
  4. Crochet Egg Cosy
  5. Knitted Aran Tea Cosy
  6. Caravan Knit Cosy
  7. Round Crochet Cushion
  8. Diamond Pattern Knit Cushion
  9. Star Stitch Knit Cushion
  10. Square Crochet Cushion
  11. Crochet Frog
  12. Knitted Bird
  13. Crochet Parrot
  14. Knit Pixie
  15. Knit Santa
  16. Crochet Squares Bag
  17. Fair Isle Knit Bag
  18. Crochet Shoulder Bag
  19. Knitted Striped Bag
  20. Knit Doll Clothes Set - Smock, Jumpsuit and Headscarf
  21. Baby Doll Knit Outfit - Dress and Bonnet
  22. Dolls Knitted Set - Dress, Matinee Coat and Bonnet
  23. Pompon Knit Slippers
  24. Crochet Shawl
  25. Crinoline Lady Crochet Dolls Outfit
  26. Knit Bed Socks
  27. Hot Water Bottle Knit Cover
  28. Slippers with loopy trim
  29. Knitted Koala Bear
  30. Ski Doll Knit Outfit
  31. Dolls Tunic, Pants, Beret and Bag Knitted Set
  32. Clown with some crochet
  33. Kitten Knit Slippers
  34. Duck Knit Slippers
  35. Teddy Bear Night Dress Knit Case
  36. Crochet Carriage Blanket Cover
  37. Knit Bootees
  38. Knitted Baby Bunting
  39. Crochet Napkin Rings
  40. Knit Napkin Rings
  41. Crochet Oven Mitt
  42. Dolls Trouser Suit Knitted
  43. Dolls Crochet Pram Cover

NOTE!   Pages coming loose; Damaged with torn edges - See Photo!
Does not affect reading of patterns
Good only for those wanting the good patterns but...
not concerned about condition of the book
40 pages
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