Patons 215.  Accessories Book
Knitting and Crochet Patterns

knitting patterns crochet patterns
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21 Knitting and 2 Crochet Patterns as mentioned below...

  1. Family Tuck-ins for the neck of your coat
  2. Childs Purse Gloves
  3. Youngsters Tam
  4. Womans Lacy Beret
  5. Family Gloves
  6. Fingerless Mitts
  7. Childs Helmet Hat
  8. Family Striped Hat and Scarf Set
  9. Mans Aran Hat
  10. Womans honeycomb stitch Hat
  11. Childs Aran Hat and matching Aran Mitts
  12. Family Scarf
  13. Mans argyle Gloves
  14. Womans Turban
  15. Slipper Socks
  16. Chevron Striped Tam and Scarf Set
  17. Tennis Socks
  18. Womans Scarf-Hat
  19. Mens argyle Socks
  20. Fishermans Knee Length Socks
  21. Childs Crocheted Hat and Scarf Set
  22. Childs Crochet Slippers
  23. Knit Balaclava

20 pages
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