Patons 233.  50 Gifts to Make
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

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crochet bun warmer easy crochet pattens knit hobby horse honey bear pattern cushions pillows patterns
bags purses patterns hand puppet dolls patterns socks hats patterns shaggy patterns
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  1. Dog Hot Water Bottle Holder
  2. Childs Slippers
  3. Dolls Clothes - Sweater, Coat, Poncho, Purse & Skirt
  4. Baby Top
  5. Babys Quilt and Pillow
  6. Crochet Pram Cover
  7. Quilt Stitch Cover
  8. Bobble Pattern Cushion Cover
  9. Knitted Wall Hanging
  10. Garter stitch Bedspread
  11. Knit Bathroom Set - Bath Mat, Pedestal Mat & Seat Cover
  12. Knit Tea Cosy
  13. Crochet Jam Pot Covers
  14. Crocheted Brioche HolderFilet Crochet Tray Cloths
  15. Clothes Pins or Pegs Knit Bag
  16. Crochet Oven Glove
  17. Crochet Pot Holder
  18. Crochet Lampshade
  19. Crocheted Table Place Mats
  20. Childs Knit Hat
  21. Childs Knit Scarf
  22. Knitted Hobby Horse
  23. Knitted Train Set Cushions
  24. Knitted Honey Bear - 41cm in height
  25. Knit and Crochet Childs Top
  26. Arrow Motif Knit Cushion
  27. Flower Motif Knit Cushion
  28. Lattice Patterned Knit Cushion
  29. Sampler Style Knitted Bag
  30. Patchwork Knit Bag
  31. School Satchel Knit Bag
  32. Crochet Bag
  33. Hedehog Knitting Pattern
  34. Knit Clown Glove Puppet
  35. Dutch Dolls Knit Clothes - Blouse, Skirt, Apron, Cap and Bloomers
  36. Knit Dog
  37. Knit Cat
  38. Bonnet and Muff Set
  39. Reversible Knit Scarf
  40. Crochet Hat and Bag
  41. Fair isle style Knit Socks
  42. Knit Foot Muff
  43. Aran Style Knit Socks
  44. Knitted Cumberbund
  45. Beret Knit Hat and Boots
  46. AND MORE!...50 Gifts in all

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