Patons 265.  Special Effects in Beehive Chunky
Knitting Patterns

cabled multi color cable with cables v-neck sweater geometric sweater
mens sweater pullover sweater ladies sweaters geo sweater aran sweaters
v-neck sweater ladies sweaters aran sweaters geo sweater center cable
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  1. Multi colored Sweater with center cable
  2. Sweater with two colour cable
  3. Chunky knit sweater
  4. V neck Sweater with stripes and squares
  5. Geometric Sweater
  6. Colour block Sweater (chart included)
  7. V-neck mens Pullover
  8. Diagonal tuck and spot patterned Sweater
  9. Odpin Dolman Sweater and Slipover Vest
  10. Crew neck Sweater
  11. Texture and striped Sweater v-neck Pullover
  12. Odpins quick and easy Pullover
  13. Dolman style cable v-neck Sweater

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