Patons 36.  Cardigans and Pullovers
Knitting Patterns

sweater set vintage sweater vintage pattern ladies pullover
sleeveless vests ladies pullover cardigan sweater
sock shoulder sock knit shoulder ladies sweaters aladdin socks replacing heels
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  1. Cardigan Set sizes 32" to 42"
  2. Ladys Blouse
  3. ladys Long Sleeved Pullover
  4. Ladies Short Sleeved Sweater
  5. Sleeveless Pullover
  6. Ladies Patchwork Vest Jacket
  7. Ladies Long Sleeved Pullover
  8. Sock Shoulder Sweater
  9. Another Sweater with Sock Shoulders
  10. Ladies Stripe Effect Sweater
  11. Patterned Long Sleeved Sweater
  12. Aladdin Sock
  13. Instructions on how to knit new heel in Beehive Aladdin Sock

NOTE:  Shows wear and discoloration from age
30 pages
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