Patons 412.  Beehive Bazaar
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

knitted toys crochet toys tea cozy patterns crochet patterns
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  1. Teddy Bear knitted
  2. Penguin knitted
  3. Crochet Bib
  4. Crocheted Book Worms
  5. Mouse Knit Pin Cushion
  6. Dachshund Dog Knit
  7. Crocheted Tea Cosy
  8. Knitted Tea Cosy
  9. Crochet Elephant
  10. Knit Giraffe
  11. Crocheted Turtle Cushion
  12. Carry About Seat Knit Block
  13. Mans Crochet Slippers
  14. Adult Crocheted Boots

24 pages
Price:  $10.00 includes Postage and Envelope costs