Patons 439.  New Looks In Canadiana Sayelle
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

knit sweater crochet coat knitted sweater
turtleneck leg warmers pattern fairisle pattern
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  1. Wrap around knit Sweater  sizes 30" to 40" chest
  2. Crocheted long Coat
      - sizes 30 to 40 inch chest
      - uses double strands of yarn
      - for experienced crocheter
  3. Knit puffed sleeve Sweater
  4. Knitted turtleneck with matching zip front Jacket and Hat
  5. Cabled knit Legwarmers and Hat
  6. Knit Legwarmers, Scarf and Hat
  7. Knitted fair isle Sweater

Shows some wear
24 pages
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