Patons 505.  Beehive for Babies
Special Anniversary Edition

Knitting and Crochet Baby Patterns

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  1. Baby's Very First Woolies - Jacket Bonnet and Bootees
  2. Crocheted Triangular Shawl
  3. First Size Crocheted Set - Jacket Bonnet and Bootees
  4. First Size Knitted Set - Jacket Bonnet and Bootees (NOTE: Corner of page missing; does not affect reading of pattern)
  5. Cape and Bootees for Gary or Gail - Cape with matching Bootees (NOTE: Corner of page missing; does not affect reading of pattern)
  6. Wee Wilie Winkie - Boy or Girls Cardigan
  7. Bunting Bag
  8. Knitted Wardrobe for 3 Months - Jacket Kimono Bonnet and Bootees
  9. Crocheted Set for 3 Months - Jacket Bonnet Bootees and Slippers
  10. For a Special Occasion - Knit Christening Dress
  11. Rabbit Slippers
  12. Crocheted Blanket Cover
  13. Knitted Diagonal Baby Blanket Cover
  14. Knit Patterned Blanket Cover
  15. Diamond and Smocked Baby Blanket Cover
  16. Delicately Patterened Lace Shawl
  17. Knitted Set in Brambleberry Pattern - Jacket Bonnet and Bootees
  18. Crocheted Baby Set - Jacket Bonnet and Bootees
  19. Cuddly Hour - Shawl with lace center and Scalloped border
  20. Little Bo Peep Book - Jacket Bonnet Bootees and Mitts
  21. Smilin' Through - Jacket Bonnet Mitts Cap and Slippers
  22. Set for Diana or Dick Book - Coat with Duck Design, Leggings Beret and Mitts
  23. Knitted Dress for 9-12 Months

NOTE!  Book as bends as shown on front cover
Year 1980 pattern book
44 pages
Price: $19.95 includes Postage and Envelope costs