Patons 524.  Especially For You
Knitting Patterns

floral knit sweater crochet accent collar aran pattern aran sweater
flowered sweater textured sweater dressy pullover short sleeve pullover
short sleeved pullover flowered pullover diamond pullover
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  1. Flowered Pullover
  2. Knit Pullover with Crochet Collar
  3. Aran Knit Pullover
  4. Aran Textured and Cabled Pullover
  5. Abstract Flowered Pullover
  6. Patterned Textured Pullover
  7. Dressy Sleeveless Pullover
  8. Dotted Pullover
  9. Fair Isle Trimmed Pullover
  10. Flowered Cardigan
  11. Diamond Patterned Pullover

Year 1989 Book
44 pages
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