Patons 525.  Bold and Beautiful
using Chunky yarns
Knitting Patterns

chunky knit sweater south west motif santa fe style aran sweater
arran sweater mans sweater hearts bows short pullover
(click on images for larger photos)

  1. Pullover named Distant Thunder
  2. South west motif Pullover Sweater
  3. Cabled aran pullover ladies Sweater
  4. Contrasting cables turtleneck Pullover
  5. Santa fe style Pullover Sweater
  6. Hearts and flowers Pullover Sweater
  7. Mens Pullover
  8. Free spirit Pullover

NOTE!  Year 1989 Book is worn with stain marks on pages
Good for those wanting the great patterns, but...
not concerned about the condition of the book
32 pages
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