Patons 70.  Hats and Accessories by Beehive
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

accessory patterns knit crochet hats pill box & cloche hats
jewellry patterns angora knitting patterns
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  1. Crocheted violets Hat
  2. Violet crocheted Boutonniere
  3. Long knitted Gloves
  4. Knitted Hat
  5. Pompoms optional on knit hat
  6. Crochet popcorn hat
  7. Winged knit pillbox
  8. Pierrot crocheted hat
  9. Lace crochet cloche
  10. Shaggy flower boutonniere
  11. Crochet evening bag
  12. Knitted short Gloves
  13. Knitted Belt
  14. Angora Pompoms
  15. Knitted Jewellery
  16. Angora knitted Bow
  17. Crochet Compact Case Cover or Change Purse
  18. Angora knitted Hat
  19. Angora knitted Collar
  20. Angora crocheted Cloche

NOTE:  Vintage book is worn, torn along edges; No missing pages
Back cover is badly torn and marked
Does not affect reading of any patterns
14 pages
Price: $15.00 includes Postage and Envelope costs