Crochet purse pattern

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Materials: 2 balls navy craft yarn
           5:00 mm hook
           Wooden handles with 8" opening
           Large wooden bead for closure

NOTE! Popcorn st for this purse: 5trc in one st 
                      - stated as "popcorn"

Purse: Ch 22 to begin. 

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hk and 
       in each ch across.(21sc)

Rows 2 to 8 incl: Sc in each st across. 
                  Ch1, turn,
                  These eight rows should 
                  cover the 
                  handle of the purse.

Rows 9 to 15 incl: Increase at the end of 
                   each row by
                   making 2sc in the first
                   and last st
                   of each row. Turn,
                   (Now 35 sc in row)

Row 16: Ch 3,(to count as 1st trc)
        2 trc in each of the next 2 sts, 
        Popcorn in the next st,
        *1 trc in each of the next 3 sts, 
        Popcorn in the next st,
        Continue from * across row ending
        with a 1 trc in each of the last
        3 sts. Ch 1,turn,

Row 17: Sc in each sc across. Turn.

Repeat rows 16 & 17 until purse 
measures 9" from handle ending with sc row.

Sew up sides. 

Put top over the handles and 
sew along inner edge to secure 
the handles in place. 
Sew a wooden bead at the center top and 
front of the purse.

Make a chain of 75 sts. 
Sew in place at the back of purse. 
This is the strap to pull over the wooden 
bead used to close the purse.

If desired, it may be lined with a polyester
material for added security.

      Pattern by Maureen at
             Pattern for personal use only.
    Not to be posted on the net without my permission. 

          Thanks! Enjoy your crocheting!

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We cannot be responsible for variance of individual
crocheters, human errors, or typographical mistakes

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