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crochet covered clothes hanger
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         Wooden hanger
         2 oz. main color A
         2 oz. color B
         4 mm crochet hook or hook to give
             correct gauge of
             1 shell = 1 1/2 inches
Ch 80.
Row 1: 5dc in 4th ch from hook.
       *Skip 3 ch, sc in next ch, skip 3 ch,
       6 dc in next ch;
       Repeat from * ending with sc in last ch. 
       (Ten half shells have been made)

Rnd 2: Turn * 6 dc in bottom of half shell, 
       dc in bottom of sc,
       Repeat from * to end of row.
       (Ten full shells have been made)
       Fasten off.

Repeat instructions for front. Do not fasten off.

Now match front and back together.
Sc across first 5 shells, 
insert hanger and continue to sc across the rest
of the shells with color B. 
Sl st over hook of hanger.
Make ch of desired length for bow at base of hook.
Another design
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We cannot be responsible for variance of individual
crocheters, human errors, or typographical mistakes

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