Phildar 71. Crochet Magic
Special Edition
Just Crochet Patterns

crochet patterns handbags striped sweater vests
ladies tops jackets striped girls dress
ladies crochet filet crocheted sweater hat cardigan set
houndstooth tartan dress coat
coats long coat mens boys father son
shawl patterns baby bunting bag baby clothes
afghan pillows bedspread poncho
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  1. Handbag
  2. Striped Handbag
  3. Striped Sweater
  4. Ladies Top
  5. Fair Isle Vest
  6. Blocked Effect Vest
  7. Long Vest
  8. Pullover and Hat
  9. Deep V-Neck Cardigan
  10. Long Jacket using Diagonal Stitch
  11. Sailors Collar Jacket
  12. Striped Sweater
  13. Little Girls Dress
  14. Waistcoat
  15. Shorter Sleeved Cardigan
  16. Long Sleeved Cardigan
  17. Long Length Pullover and Hat
  18. Jacket, Hat and Scarf Set
  19. Houndstooth Check Jacket
  20. Tartan Jacket and Hat
  21. Longer Length Dress
  22. Coat
  23. Little Girls Coat
  24. Blouson Jacket with Hat
  25. Coat in Double Crochet; Trimmed with Reverse Stockinette Stitch
  26. Gloves and Scarf
  27. Mens Jacket
  28. Young Boys Jacket
  29. Young Boys Jacket
  30. Mans Cardigan Jacket
  31. Ladies Shawl
  32. Larger Shawl
  33. Tie in the Front Shawl
  34. Babys Sleeping Bag and Coat Set in Afghan Stitch
  35. Baby Coat
  36. Baby Dress
  37. Babys Angel Top
  38. Afghan
  39. Double Crochet Embroidered in Chain Stitch Pillow
  40. Knots to a Simple Stitch Base Pillow
  41. Afghan Stitch with Diamond Fair Isle Motif Pillow
  42. Lampshade
  43. Light Shade
  44. Bed Spread
  45. Woven Crochet Poncho

Dated Year 1979
NOTE!  Show some wear
Some patterns have charts to follow
66 pages
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