Pingouin 27.  Childrens Sweaters
Knitting Patterns

childrens sweaters pullovers classics
embroidered heart cardigans dresses track suits
hooded  pullover classic pullovers jackets
vests fair isle sweater jacket jackets
fisherman knit aran knitting
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  1. Easy to Make Striped Pullovers
  2. Embroidered number on front of stocking stitch top
  3. V-Neck 3 colour sweater
  4. Pastel Pullovers
  5. Heart Flowered Shape Embroidery on Stocking Stitch Sweater
  6. Easy to Make Vertical Stripes
  7. Stripes and Diamonds
  8. Matching Cardigans
  9. Flowered Dress
  10. Bird Jumper
  11. Duck Motif Top
  12. Slipovers
  13. Short Sleeved Cardigan
  14. Hooded Pullover
  15. Gilet Blouson
  16. Knit Tracksuits
  17. Girls Short Sleeved
  18. Summer Slipovers
  19. Cables in three colours
  20. Classic Crew Neck Pullover with Circles
  21. Raglan Sweater with matching Hat
  22. Geometric Designed V-Neck
  23. Checkered Pullover
  24. Smaller Checked Pullover
  25. Striped Rib Pullover
  26. Cabled Pullover
  27. Fair Isle Pullover
  28. Hooded Zipper Jacket with pockets
  29. Hooded Raglan
  30. Raglan with striped insert; Hat to match
  31. Honeycomb Stitch Raglan Top with Skirt
  32. Textured Stitch Cardigan
  33. Classic Sweaters
  34. Cardigan Jacket
  35. Fancy Rib Pullover with matching Hat
  36. Zippered Jacket with Pockets
  37. Gilet Waistcoats
  38. Fair Isle Pullover
  39. Trapper Jacket with Fringe Details
  40. Girls Age 4 to 6 Coat
  41. Fancy Rib Sweater
  42. Stocking Stitch and Moss Stitch Girls Coat
  43. Aran Knitting in 4 different Sweater Designs as shown
  44. And more! Not all patterns are listed or shown
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