Pingouin 52.  Childrens Sweaters
Knitting Patterns

childrens sweaters sweater sets classics
vests fair isle sweater dress
fisherman knit aran knitting pullovers arran knits
easy knits hats mitts
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  1. Fair Isle Circular Yoke
  2. Pastel Cardigan with zig zag pattern
  3. Bobble Stitched Pullover
  4. Cardigan with fancy collar
  5. Raglan Cardigan in stocking stitch
  6. Girls Sweater with Cables
  7. Fair Isle Cardigan with spots pattern
  8. Fair Isle Sweater with scarf and beret
  9. Fair Isle Vests
  10. Fisherman Rib Pullover
  11. Irish Moss Stitch Vest
  12. V-Neck Slipover
  13. Snowflake Motif Fair Isle Yoked Sweater
  14. Crew Neck Pullover with Snowflakes
  15. Fair Isle Cardigan
  16. Sweater-Dress with band of geometric design
  17. Stocking Stitch Pullover with geometric motifs
  18. Aran Fisherman Knit Pullover
  19. Aran Fancy Rib Pullover
  20. Traditional Aran Stitches Pullover
  21. Knittied in one piece - Vest with matching hat and leg warmers
  22. Zig Zag Aran Cardigan
  23. Aran Bobble Pattern forms bouquet effect Cardigan
  24. Sleeveless Cardigan with initial of child
  25. Track Suit
  26. Diamond Pullover with Trousers
  27. Aeroplane motif Sweater and Trousers (Long Pants)
  28. Hats, Mittens and Leg Warmers
  29. And more! Not all 36 patterns are listed or shown
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