Plaid 7813.  Very Beary Christmas - Holiday Bears
20 Decorations by Shirley Burgess

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Projects include...
  1. Santa and His Reinbears using felt
  2. Bear-A-Tones using foam balls and felt
  3. Bear of Good Tidings using craft sticks
  4. Kiss Me Bear made from fake fur
  5. A Partridge in a Bear Tree using soft sculpture, felt & craft sticks
  6. Sandy Claws Stocking from felt
  7. Brr! Bear is a CROCHET Pattern
  8. Merry Fridgie Bears using felt
  9. Candy Claws using fake fur & felt
  10. Candle Bear using foam balls with a candle
  11. Ring of Bears using pompoms
  12. Holly Beary Wreath using felt on foam ring
Patterns use various other craft supplies with above craft items
24 pages plus two fold out pattern pages
Year 1984
Price:  $12.95 includes Postage and Envelope costs