Plaids 8180.  Quilting
Basics for Beginners
by Ruth Panning Romaker

quilting basics pink magnolia pattern quilt blocks sisters choice quilt block
quilting patterns heart applique sampler wallhanging quilted placemats
pink magnolia runner chevron wall hanging baby quilt
alternating currents pattern strip quilted cushions quilted vest
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  1. Pink Magnolia Pattern
  2. Pillow quilt blocks
  3. Sisters Choice Quilt Block
  4. Drunkdards Path
  5. Love Ring Variation
  6. Heart Applique
  7. Sampler Wallhanging
  8. Vertical and Diagonal Stripping Placemats
  9. Pink Magnolia Table Runner
  10. Chevron Wallhanging
  11. Baby Quilt in Chevron Design
  12. Alternating Currents Quilt
  13. Strip Quilted Chair Cushions
  14. Strip Quilted Vest

  • Working with Colour
  • Vocabulary
  • Supplies needed and preparation
  • How to make quilt blocks
  • The quilting procedure
  • Finishing
  • Framed quilt blocks
  • Directions and illustrations included for the 18 home decor projects
  • Dated Year 1987 Pattern Book
    48 pages
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