Plaid 9106.   How to Plan a Do It Yourself Wedding
with Planning Guides
and 38 Floral Pieces to Make

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corsages bridal corsage bridal party flowers wedding planner
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How to create...
  1. Brides bridal bouquet flowers
  2. Bridal party
  3. Hair ornaments
  4. The Church - Altar, Pew decoration and Candle Ring
  5. Maid of Honor bouquet
  6. Bridesmaid bouquet
  7. Flowergirl nosegay
  8. How to make a boutonniere
  9. Ringbearers Pillow Spray
  10. Throw away bouquet
  11. Mothers presentation rose
  12. Mother of the bride corsage
  13. Basic carnation corsage
  14. Romantic cake top with flowers
  15. Birdseed packets
  16. Table favors

  • Comes with Flower Checklist Guide
  • Planner Checklist for a Do it yourself Wedding
  • Why choose silk flowers?
  • Choosing Colors & Style
  • Traditional Floral Etiquette
  • Bouquet Making Tips

  • by Betsye Yates
    16 pages
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