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Infants and Toddlers
Crochet Knitting Patterns

crochet baby set baby afghans pattern baby crochet sweater
hats mittens patterns hooded sweater pattern motif sweater patterns
dress patterns crochet coat patterns fisherman knit patterns animal afghan
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  1. Sweater and Afghan - Crochet Star Stitch Pattern
  2. Afghan Stitch - Crochet
  3. Cluster Stitch Afghan - Crochet
  4. Basic Afghan Stitch with Cross Stitch
  5. Motifs Afghan - Crochet
  6. Carriage Cover - Flowered Trim
  7. Cardigan and Cap - Crochet
  8. Six different Hats, Mittens and Booties Sets - Crochet and Knitting
  9. Hooded Jacket - Crochet
  10. Classic Sweaters - Knitting with Embroidered Motifs
  11. Yellow Dress - Knitting
  12. White and Red Dress - Knitting
  13. Blue Coat with Cap - Knitting
  14. Red Coat and Beret - Crochet
  15. Fisherman Cardigan - Knitting
  16. Fisherman Knit Cardigan - Style 2 Knitting
  17. Fisherman Cardigan - Knitting
  18. Animal Afghan - Basic Afghan Stitch with Charts included

Motifs include: Owl, Flower, Drumers, Horse, Snake, Butterfly,
Bird, Turtle, Sun, Moon, Camel, Hippo, Kangaroo, Spider
Lady Bug, Fish, Bee, Elephant and Lion

Large 8½" x 11½" pattern book
Dated Year 1975
36 pages
Price:  $19.95 includes Postage and Envelope costs