Woman's Day 23.  Christmas Ideas for Children
Super Special Magazine Number 23
October November 1980

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  1. Mini Mice On Stage
  2. Holiday Orange Candles
  3. Parasol Angels
  4. Food For Kids
  5. Cookie Gift Box
  6. Doily Wreath
  7. Madonna Wall Hanging
  8. Fantasy Foil Castle
  9. Fuzzy Angel Mobil
  10. Fun Fuzzy Wreath
  11. Soldier at Attention
  12. Painted Folk Birds
  13. Paper Trims
  14. Seasons Greetings Christmas Cards
  15. Santa Projects
  16. Tree of Candy Angels
  17. Snowbound Castle
  18. Fun Frames for Photos
  19. Nativity Wall Mural
  20. Christmas Shield Craft
  21. Bottle Figures
  22. Christmas Wonderland Cookies and Treats
  23. Bows and Things
  24. Cotton Swab Crafts
  25. Gift Wraps
  26. Masks of the Three Kings
  27. Snowman Bells
  28. Castle and Village for your Mantle
  29. Decorating with Eggs
  30. Holiday Decorating on your Mirror
  31. Candy Critters
  32. Crafts from Cards
  33. Holiday Gift Tree
  34. Holly Santa Statue
  35. Santa Circus
  36. Ribbon Candleholders
  37. Felt Case and Sachets
  38. Play Clay Jewellry
  39. And more!!!

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