Yarn Crafts 7.   Quick and Easy Projects
Using your Leftover Yarn
Crochet and Knitting Patterns

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  1. Crochet top to bottom striped Sweater
  2. Needlepoint tote bag
  3. Victorian crocheted Washcloth
  4. Crochet and weave Wall Hanging
  5. knit and crochet Tote Bag
  6. Circles crochet Afghan
  7. Four square knitted Afghan
  8. Tiny crocheted Pillow
  9. Cross-crochet Pillow Top
  10. Granny square crochet Vest
  11. Fringed fabric Shawl
  12. Crochet Baby play Block
  13. Mohair crocheted Shawl
  14. Granny square Scarf
  15. Side-to-side striped crochet Scarf
  16. Round crochet Pillow
  17. Granny square crochet Pullover
  18. Needlepoint Bench Cover
  19. Lace crocheted Pullover
  20. Multi-color wrap crochet Coat
  21. Round and Round crochet Pillow
  22. Single crochet Afghan
  23. Multi colored crochet Vest
  24. Color striped crochet Scarf
  25. Granny square Tote Bag
  26. Chill chaser crochet Cloche
  27. Crocheted Chair Seat Cover
  28. Toy croche Snake
  29. Popcorn stitched crochet granny Pillow Top
  30. Crocheted Pillow
  31. Striped crochet Tote Bag
  32. Granny square Afghan
  33. Crochet Placemat
  34. Weave-crochet Placemat
  35. Striped short sleeve crochet Pullover
  36. Crochet striped Pillow Cover
  37. Knit Ski Band
  38. Knit babys first Ball

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